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Discover the future of trading with DerivaDEX, a community-governed derivatives exchange that unites performance and autonomy.

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What is DerivaDEX?

Until now, traders have had to choose between performance and security.

Centralized exchanges offer strong liquidity and products, but at the expense of user control.
Decentralized exchanges give control to users, but compromise on usability.

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DerivaDEX is the best of both worlds.

DerivaDEX is a decentralized exchange with the performance and security traders need.

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What we're building


DerivaDEX is a new kind of exchange with key performance advantages, including a real-time price feed, fast trade resolution, and a competitive fee structure.

Governance App

DerivaDEX is a DAO from Day 1. Traders and token holders control the platform. Users vote on features relating to the exchange.

DDX Token

DDX is the native token of DerivaDEX. DDX is used to govern the project via the DerivaDAO. DDX is also used for fee reductions and for staking opportunities.

Insurance Mining

Insurance mining bootstraps capital for the insurance fund. Users stake to the insurance fund and receive DDX. The insurance fund provides a world-class trader experience.

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